About us

BizyLife LLC is based in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area and has provided relationship driven Odoo implementation services to small companies since its inception in 2019. We believe that software is an extraordinarily powerful tool when properly leveraged and that strong committed relationships and understanding between ERP consultants and businesses are crucial for implementation success. 

Our primary objective is to establish strong relationships with our clients, so that we do not only empower our clients with powerful software, but help them leverage all the advantages of the software and position them for a successful long term partnership.


Our Team

Jacob Neubaum, CEO

Jacob is a visionary CEO and has been in the ERP space for 6+ years.  In his spare time, Jacob practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitzu and rides mountain bikes.

Alex Azariyev, Director of ERP

Andrew Sydoruk, Project Manager

 In his 7-year tenure as an IT Project Manager, Andrew has transformed ideas into impactful technology solutions, bridging business needs with innovative solutions. Andrew excels in fostering clear communication between technical and business units and guiding projects to success amidst diverse tech environments.

Irene Neubaum, CMO

Irene has a passion for people and a thorough understanding of ERP.  In her spare time, she enjoys racing track bicycles and styling hair. 

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