Odoo's CRM application is a versatile solution designed to elevate customer relationship management. It enables efficient lead and opportunity tracking, automates tasks, and offers insightful analytics. Integration with other Odoo apps amplifies its capabilities. From lead prioritization to streamlined sales processes, Odoo's CRM application is a powerful tool for enhancing customer interactions and boosting sales performance.

​Lead and Opportunity Management: Capture, categorize, and track sales leads and opportunities.​​​​

​Contact Database: Maintain a centralized database of customer and prospect contacts. 

Communication Tracking: Log interactions like calls and emails, keeping a history of communication. 

Sales Automation: Automate repetitive tasks and set up triggers for actions.

Quotation and Sales Orders: Create quotes and convert opportunities into sales orders.

Reports and Analytics: Generate reports and dashboards for sales analysis.


Lead Scoring: Prioritize leads based on predefined criteria.

Document Management: Attach relevant documents to contacts and opportunities.