Procure to Pay

Odoo's Purchase app streamlines procurement with features from supplier management to automated approvals. It enables informed decisions by using RFQs, ensures financial accuracy via accounting integration, and enhances collaboration for smoother operations and cost control.

​Request for Quotations (RFQs): Gather quotes from suppliers for informed purchasing decisions.​​​​

Supplier Management: Centralized supplier database with performance metrics and contact information. 

Purchase Order Creation: Efficiently create and manage purchase orders with item details and terms.

Automated Approval Workflows: Define approval processes for orders, ensuring proper authorization.

​Inventory Integration: Seamlessly sync with inventory for accurate stock management.

Reordering Rules: Set automatic reorder points to optimize stock levels.


Vendor Bill Management: Manage incoming bills and match with orders for accurate payments.

Accounting Integration: Integrate with accounting for accurate financial tracking.

Multi-Location Support: Manage purchases across different locations or warehouses.