Odoo's Inventory app is a comprehensive solution designed to smoothly optimize inventory management processes for businesses of all sizes. It offers a wide range of features and functionalities to efficiently handle inventory operations, improve stock control, and enhance overall supply chain management. 

Real-time Tracking:

Offers live visibility into inventory, aidi​ng accurate monito​ring and informed stock decisions.​​​​

Multi-location Management:

Supports multiple warehouses, useful for intricate distribution networks. 

Barcode Integration:

Simplifies inventory tasks via quick barcode-based processes.  

Inventory Forecasting:

Predicts demand by analyzing historical data and trends. 

Automated Reordering: 

Sets rules for timely stock replenishment, minimizing stockouts. 

Product Variants:

Manages diverse product variations in a single record.


Batch and Serial Number Tracking:

Enhances traceability, crucial for sectors like pharmaceuticals. 

Inventory Adjustments:

Handles discrepancies and damages effectively, ensuring accurate record​s.