Create your first website using Odoo

Can building a website really be easy?


With Odoo's Website Builder App, you can effortlessly craft a captivating and professional website in less than an hour, all through a simple 4-step process!

Business type

Begin by selecting the appropriate website category that aligns with your goals. Whether it's a business website, an online store, a blog, an event website, or an e-learning platform, Odoo's website application will tailor the layout to suit your needs. For instance, let's take the example of a hair salon aiming to build its brand through a professional business website.

Website pallet

Odoo provides the flexibility to choose from various color palettes for your website. It's a good idea to research which colors best suit your business. For instance, red stimulates appetite, grabs attention, and sparks hunger. Conversely, yellow evokes feelings of happiness and friendliness. It's also recommended to match your website with your logo if you have one. In the case of my hair salon website, I selected a calming color scheme by combining dark gray, white, and navy. This choice incorporates subtle hues, creating an inviting atmosphere.

Pages and Features

Next, you have the freedom to handpick the pages and features that align with your vision. In my case, I've opted for an engaging "About Us" section to introduce our talented hairstylists. Additionally, a comprehensive "Services" page is essential to inform customers about the range of offerings we provide. Sharing captivating "Success Stories" featuring pictures and narratives of clients' hair transformations is a wonderful way to inspire others. To ensure convenience, I've included a dedicated "Locations" section to assist customers in finding our salon effortlessly. Lastly, by incorporating an intuitive "Appointments" page, customers can conveniently schedule their visits without the need for a phone call.

Theme and customizing

Odoo gathers the information you've provided and offers many theme options to choose from. I selected a theme that emphasizes more pictures, as hair salons focus on showcasing results. After Odoo completes building your website, it looks great. You can further customize it with simple and user-friendly options to enhance its appearance and navigation. Once you're satisfied, save your changes. You can then log out or open an incognito tab to view your website as others would see it.